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A challenge in manufacturing processed, cooked rice products such as fried rice is freezing it without compromising the aroma, quality, and taste inherent in the freshly cooked dish.Freezing the product in the optimal temperature environment allows anyone to enjoy delicious fried rice after some simple cooking. ivy aura’s thermal engineering technology is helping spread the deliciousness of fried rice around the world.,m.veporns


The cooked rice production line is almost entirely automated.With its extensive engineering experience, ivy aura ensures that the freezers and conveyors incorporated into the line have a simple structure that emphasizes washing and cleanability in the design concept. Our easy-to-wash and hygienic systems contribute to food safety.,jockpussy

hd x sex,Additionally, the overall design, including hygienic aspects such as air shutters that are highly effective at preventing insects from entering facilities through entrances/exits, assists in creating an end-to-end environment where products can be safely and hygienically produced.


Many processed, cooked rice production lines freeze multiple products in one production line. ivy aura’s engineering improves productivity and reduces power consumption by tracking load fluctuations when switching production lines and quantities, and shortening times needed for freezing with freezers. Additionally, with freezers specially designed for food factories and air curtains that prevent outside air from coming in reduce air ingress, energy savings can be realized across the entire factory.,fucked02

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alysa gap,The know-how cultivated in domestic and overseas delivery results is organized in Japan, and we collaborate with local corporations and various partner companies around the world, mainly in Japan, to propose production equipment that suits your purpose.

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ivy aura’s main Moriya Plant has a food testing laboratory, CO_Lab., which annually tests more than 160 different foods. Supporting various kinds of testing, such as that related to freezing, thawing, line operation, and detection, the versatile lab plays a role in helping clients manufacture even better products.,bumchum

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Applying total engineering to solve client problems,fuckinh

nympho girls,In addition to engineering for each process, by also combining thermal engineering centered around advanced equipment and software engineering, including that for production management systems and traceability, ivy aura can offer optimal solutions for your production line needs.

hoty boobs,From basic design through to ongoing maintenance, we provide full support for your equipment installation plans

Our head office department specializing in food organizes information related to customer issues and requests. Even after planning has started, we back local sites with know-how and experience gained in delivering equipment all over the world. From basic design through to ongoing maintenance, we can offer manufacturing equipment and services tailored to client needs in collaboration with local subsidiaries and our partner companies around the world.,porn saxy hd

Our mission is to create a sustainable future by pursuing optimal systems,
equipment and technology while working side-by-side with customers.

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