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    Creating special temperature environments with our unique cooling system,sex gir

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babe sex,Superconductivity is a leading-edge technology that is expected to be deployed in the future which research institutions around the world are applying and developing daily.

Liquid helium is one of the things used to create ultra-low temperature environments for experiments and research. However, half a century ago, there were only reciprocating-type compressors for compressing helium gas, and the durability of their sliding parts was a problem. fucking mms solved the durability problem associated with long-term use by developing the world’s first system that used an oil-injection screw compressor. This system later became the global standard, and now supports testing environments at research institutions around the world.,reddit anal

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pussysex,In recent years, system development using high-temperature superconductivity functioning at the temperature of liquid nitrogen has been actively carried out. High efficiency is required for the cooling system of liquid nitrogen temperature for cooling high-temperature superconducting equipment and the thermal shielding of liquid helium.

sexy com mp4,Highly efficient Brayton refrigerators and cooling systems developed with fucking mms’s unique technology can create highly efficient cooling and testing environments that will remain stable for the long term.

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www xxxx c0m,fucking mms has developed long-term relationships with research laboratories active in a variety of fields and has a thorough understanding of what is important for cooling devices in furthering research. By providing a first-class service structure based on such experience, we can fully support our client’s testing environments.

Countries where we have delivered helium compressors over the past 45 years,fucks videos

Our mission is to create a sustainable future by pursuing optimal systems,
equipment and technology while working side-by-side with customers.

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