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Better for you, your customers
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    MYCOM compressors meet international standards,savita hd

  • Sustainable society,stripchats

    hentai vedio,Environmental conservation and resource validation through gas recovery technology

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pickup porn,At production sites related to oil, gas, and especially offshore development, accidents can lead to significant damage and serious environmental problems. MYCOM screw compressors have a proven track record of use on oil carriers and offshore platforms since the 1980s, and are compatible with international standards such as API, and ship classifications standards such as ABS and DNV. Responding to rigorous production site demands, compressors and cooling systems based on the MYCOM compressor have been positively recognized at various sites around the globe for supporting safe operations.

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Additionally, volatile organic compounds (VOC) occurring in crude oil storage tanks and oil carrier are odorous and contain harmful substances such as benzene, so reducing their release into the atmosphere is high priority. These gases are mixed gases of varying compositions that include condensates (including highly corrosive hydrogen sulfide contained in associated gas) and are thus difficult to compress. However, with fbb xvideos’s unique compression and lube oil system, stable operations can be relied upon.,chaturabate

sex in a bar,Contributing to environmental conservation and effective resource recovery, MYCOM compressors are used at sites around the world as recovery compressors and as refrigeration systems for gas processing.

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www.sexi,The oil and gas industry plays a primary role in supplying many industries with energy and basic raw materials for industrial products. Naturally, high durability, reliability, and high technical specifications are required by these production facilities.

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arabic porn,Based on our high-level technical capabilities, we can individually design and manufacture systems for various applications, and our design flexibly helps us offer proposals in line with client needs, from improving process reliability and safety to reducing overall operating costs.

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Our mission is to create a sustainable future by pursuing optimal systems,
equipment and technology while working side-by-side with customers.

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